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DANSES 2017-2018

Cowboy Boogie

Lay Around

Bullfrog on a log

Lucky you

Jambalaya (Partners)

Low Key

Lord Help Me

Go Cat Go

Blackpool by the sea

Dancing Cowboy

Cotton Eyed Joe

Triple cross


Chasing down
a good time

Hooked on country

Stealing the best

Here's to you & I

The harvester

Chill Factor

Jingle Bell Rock

Nancy Mulligan

Drinking with Dolly

Little Rebel

Madison Rock

Lonely Drum

Another Country

Haggard Hank & Her

All god's children

Texas Waltz



Tush Push

Hawaiian Girl

Sixteen Summer

Old and Grey



Champagne promise

Whiskey Wiggle

When We Dance

Head over boots

Wandering Hearts

Dream Walkin

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